Automate your account research, engage buyers better and win more.

Salesmotion is the only purpose-built platform that automates manual account research and planning to help ambitious salespeople engage buyers better better and win more.

Trusted by global companies

Win more business using tailored account research

Salesmotion automates account research so sales teams can engage better and win more. Our platform delivers clear, tailored points of view on every target account combined with your value proposition.

Engage buyers more effectively and lead with value at every touch point - from pipeline generation to meeting preparation.



“This is massive and saves me hours of searching google and reading annual reports. Using Salesmotion as my very first place to go when I'm doing anything account-related now. ”

“It helps you research an account, look at the contacts and draft a message. If you are looking to target accounts it is a solution that helps you save time and craft better messages."


Use relevant signals to unlock new opportunities

Never miss a key update or signal in your account and use it to prepare better for sales meetings, run an effective outbound campaign, and mitigate churn risks in existing customers.

The signal feed researches thousands of public sources including news, annual reports, open jobs and press releases to identify signals about strategic priorities, initiatives, challenges, and hiring patterns for each account delivering these to you - automatically.

“The account and contact signals are key for reaching out at important times, and the value-add messaging it creates unqiue to every contact helps save time and efficiency. ”

"Salesmotion helps you spot signals from prospect accounts, news items / job hiring alerts etc that indicate that now is a good time to reach out with a well crafted message."


Engage new contacts instantly using contact tracking and buyer insights

Salesmotion surfaces key contacts across your accounts and highlights former users, champions, promotions and departmental changes. This helps map out complex buying groups and quickly engage new stakeholders effectively. 

Quick summaries and suggested actions using research and personal information for each contact accelerate how you engage every buyer effectively.

Never miss a key person moving in your territory to unlock more pipeline and win more deals.


“The biggest thing I'm getting value from is having a singular place that very simply summarizes a companies top initiatives / strategies and then connects them to my solution. This is generally something I would spend hours reseraching, now it's all automated.”

“Salesmotion brings relevent insights to the forefront to help shape conversations and outreach with prospective customers. The platform accelerates the analysis work to prepare for sales outreach by providing relevent information about market, customer, and industry related to business challenges I care about”


Supporting all revenue teams


Account Executives

Deliver value at every touchpoint with your buyer with always fresh, deep account research across your territory.



Bring more than just efficiency to your outbound by using highly relevant, contextual account insights in your target accounts.



Augment ABM strategies by incorporating account-level insights into campaigns to increase effectiveness and drive pipeline


Sales Operations

Augment the revenue teams with accurate, up-to-date account and buyer insights to increase GTM effectiveness and improve CRM data quality.


Deliver account intelligence to every app in your workflow.

Account research should not be stale, one-and-done exercises. Staying on top of development in an account is critical to engage buyers effectively at any point. Deliver Salesmotion insights to every step of your daily workflow - no matter if you're in sales development, sales, sales engineering, customer success or marketing.


What our customers say

"Pulling all that information together in one place. I think that's it. I like the signals. That kind of stuff is like gold dust."

"You are helping my team get smarter about developing a point of view and then potentially even navigating the potential hurdles. That's great. I'm super impressed."

"I'm impressed with its ability to filter through online information, effectively aiding my sales efforts by highlighting only the crucial details."

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Common questions

Why does automated account research matter?

Account research helps sales teams gain a deep understanding of potential customers' business challenges, goals, and needs. This knowledge allows for tailored pitches and solutions that directly address the client's specific issues, increasing the likelihood of closing a deal. Too often it's done manually, inefficiently - this is changing now with

How can I get started?

Reach out and book some time with the team. We can give you a full demo and discuss how you can go-live within days to accelerate your sales teams.

How do you justify ROI?

According to Salesforce (State of Sales 2022) prioritisation, research and preparation take up almost 30% of a seller's time.  This is about 11 hours of potentially ineffective time every week.

Salesmotion can automate the grunt work giving sales teams time back and help them engage buyers not just faster but also better. By saving even just 1 hour per week the ROI and payback become compelling.

How does it work?

Salesmotion ingests data from all your target accounts by scanning thousands of items from countless sources online including data from new sites, social, databases and more.

To get started, you provide us with your target accounts, some sales pitch material to tailor the value proposition engine and a few more details. 

We do the heavy lifting and get you live within just a few hours.